As a medical research institute working in the field of IBD we provide support and implementation for projects and orders. We offer the following services, but we also take an open-minded and inquisitive approach to new orders and other spheres of activity:

  • Design and study protocol preparation for phase I-IV studies
  • Submission to the Ethics Committee and public authorities
  • Preparation of study protocols with clinically realistic expertise
  • Provision of network contacts in the field of IBD
  • Provision of extensive IBD patient bases for the performance and acquisition of multicentre studies
  • Collaboration with certified pharmaceutical manufacturers for blinded medications
  • Provision of systems for medical data processing and statistics

Our research facilities contain a wide range of equipment for the performance of all manner of IBD-related studies. Naturally, our staff possess GCP and IATA certification, and we always have physician know-how available by uniting the principal investigator and attending physician in one person.


Current studies

Here we provide you with information on current and completed studies conducted and supported by us. Please contact us if you require further details. Provided that we are entitled to do so, we will be glad to give you detailed and/or anonymised information. If you are interested in participating in one of these active studies as a patient, please contact our study coordinator Bettina Guttowski, tel. +49 (0)40-41624981. You will find an overview of our current studies at the following link: HaFCED studies



We regularly publish our research findings and topical scientific articles in various journals. We act as editor for various publications. An extract of our publications is provided online, and we maintain an extensive collection to substantiate and support our studies.